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Hydrogen-Boost Test Results Detailed

See also the detailed test results in our winter 2003-2004 newsletter at http://www.hydrogen-boost.com/winter20032004.html

   In the charts below the numbers in the body of the charts represent actual tested average fuel mileages achieved under the conditions represented at the top of the column and with the equipment listed at the left of each row. 
    The column for test track is for the results obtained on 50 miles test drives on a 8 miles loop here in town where the speed limit is 40-45 mph and road is suburban in character.  Test drives on this "test track" included using all the driving techniques in the Hydrogen-Boost operator's manual and  newsletter updates.  All vehicles were standard shift 5 speed except the Hyundai was only a 4 speed.  Some testing was during the cold winter, some during last fall, and some this spring.  Each row of the chart indicates the results with the indicated equipment.
The following are the meanings of the abbreviations in the first column:
  H2 - Hydrogen-Boost gas generator
  tires - tire pressure was increases to 40 or 50 psi
  heat - a simple fuel pre-heater was installed
  oil - Excel Plus engine treatment or synthetic oil
  plugs - Platinum tip spark plus installed
  EFIE - Eagle Research EFIE device installed and adjusted to 350 milivolts
  driving - all the driving techniques in operator's manual were implemented
  Highway 70 means that the test was driven on the Interstate Highway (fairly hilly) at an average of 70 mph
  Highway 55 means that the test was driven on the Interstate Highway (fairly hilly) at an average of 55 mph
  On two charts there is a reported number between the Highway 70 and Highway 55 columns.  These tests were done at an average speed of 60-65 mph

Other test results are available on the web site at www.hydrogen-boost.com

1987 Saab 9000 Turbo     Highway 70     Highway 55     City    Test Track

Stock                                     25                                        15

EPA                                       29                                        21

H2, tires, heat                         40                43.76               33

H2, tires, heat,                                47.8                             44                50

1990 Hyundai Excel 4sp  Highway 70       Highway 55     City     Test track

Stock                                   32.8                                       28

EPA                                     33                                          28  

H2, tires                                                      44.5                39

H2, tires, heat                       41                  50.0                41            58.5

H2, tires, heat, oil,                43.2                52.0               42.8
   plugs, EFIE

H2, tires, heat, oil,                45      48.9      52.0               57*           67.2*
   plugs, driving
* some adjustment should be made for thermal expansion of fuel in tank

1995 Neon 5sp
             Highway 70       Highway 55     City   Test Track

Stock                                    35                                        28

EPA                                     38                                        29

H2, tires                                40.3                53.4             33.25

H2, tires, heat, oil,                 51.1                55.1               
H2, tires, heat, oil                                                             58.8            68
   plugs, driving

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